LG VX5500 Used Flip Phone (D718)


The LG VX-5500 is the update to the VX-5400. The VX-5500 is smaller and lighter, while stepping up to a better main display. Other features of this basic clamshell CDMA phone remain similar, including Bluetooth, VGA camera, dual color displays, and voice control. The LG VX-5500 is the kind of phone I would personally find very attractive: it is minimal on features and easy to use
  • Mechanical - works great
  • Physical - Fair (outer screen has some slight scratches, inner screen has some scuffs from keys rubbing and the body has some scratches on the back)
  • Comes with a Home Charger
Compatible with:
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Page Plus (talk and text only)
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