Looking for a great weather app? May 21 2016

Looking for a great weather app?

There are so many weather apps out there these days, it’s hard to know which ones are really good. Well, we have checked out quite of few of them and found that WeatherBug is a very nice application. It also happens to be one of the most popular weather applications out there and is available for Android, IOS and Windows! WeatherBug has a ton of great features including real time forecasts, traffic cameras, sever weather alerts, extended forecasts and Spark which is a very cool feature. I will go over some of these features shortly. WeatherBug has access to over 40,000 monitoring stations worldwide allowing it give you the most accurate and up to date information out there. You get all this packed in to one beautifully displayed and organized app. Let’s go over a few of the features offered in the WeatherBug application!

  • Now tab -
    • Real-time weather information – Like I mentioned WeatherBug has access to the largest professional network available. Prominently displayed on the opening page of the application are the current weather conditions for your chosen location. You will see the current temperature along with the expected hi and low for the day as well as the feels like temperature. A dropdown menu at the top allows you to add multiple locations and easily toggle through them as needed.
    • Warnings and advisories – WeatherBug will send updates to your phone when there is any kind of weather hazard. You can stay up to date in real time.
    • Spark alerts – Spark is a very cool feature that tells you if lighting is near. It offers several colored warning indicators based on how close the lightning is to your location. In fact, it brings up a map of all lightning strikes in the country.
    • Weather news – will give you a picture of the national weather scene. You can scroll through several different weather reviews.
    • Live Cameras - Based on your location you can pick from several weather camera and traffic cameras
  • Details Tab -
    • Wind – gives you the current wind and direction, along with the gusts and average wind speed.
    • Sun and moon – give you the sunrise and sunset times along with the type of moon it is.
    • Pollen – gives you a rating along with high, medium or low designation. It will also tell you what the predominate pollen is. Such as grass, cedar/juniper and walnut.
    • UV – will give you the uv rating for the day along with a brief description and may suggest you put on some sunscreen!
    • Precipitation – will show you today’s precipitation amounts and let you know the hourly rate. You can also view totals for the month and year.
    • Observations – will give you the temperature, dew point, humidity and pressure.
    • Weather Station – Finally, you will be able to view which weather station is suppling all of the information.
  • Hourly Tab – give you an hourly breakdown of the weather for your selected area. You can view expected: humidity, temperature, feels like temperature, winds, precipitation and dew point. You can even use the day tabs at the bottom of the page to get hourly predictions for the next seven days.
  • 10 day Tab – Will give you a quick view of the expected weather for the next 10 days. You can click on a day and get very detailed information about that days weather patterns.

Overall this is a very strong application that is packed with valuable weather information.  There is a free and paid version. All the information listed in this article is available on the free version. It does run some very small ads that are hardly noticeable as you are using the app. Out of all the apps we tested WeatherBug was the most featured pack app out there. Try it out for yourself!