Focused on Quality Pre-Owned Phones May 12 2016


   2016 has brought about some changes here at Certified Used Phones. The main one is we have moved away from mail-in repairs and the sale of cell phone parts. While we did well in both areas we have decided we want to stay completely focused on quality pre-owned phones and some basic accessories that go with them. We still have Certified Cell Phone Technicians on staff who will continue to go through each and every phone to make sure you get a great phone every time! With the arrival of so many new companies in the cellular world it takes a full time commitment to stay up to date on all the latest trends.

     With our newly cleared warehouse space we can now bring in three times the pre-owned phones we use to carry. We will be able to process more used phones than ever before. You may find some pre-owned phones on our site that offer you a choice of quality and price. You can now purchase used phones that work spectacular, but may have a few more scratches or dings. These phones will cost you even less then before and in most cases you will not even see the flaws once you add a protective case and tempered glass screen protector to your new used phone! We will be adding some additional descriptions to each of these pages so you can be sure you are getting the right phone.

     Certified Used Phones will also be adding accessories to our website as the year goes on. We are taking our time and making sure that the cell phone accessories we put up will stand the test of time. We will be linking cell phone accessories to your orders making it easier for you to get all the items you need for your new cell phone. Ninety percent of people will either buy a protective case for their phone or pay for an expensive repair because they didn’t get that case. We strongly suggest you get the protective case.

     If you are looking for a specific phone or accessory and you don’t see it then feel free to drop us an email and we will look for it for you. We have an extensive network of pre-owned phone companies and new accessory companies that we work with. With any luck we can get you just what you are looking for.  We look forward to another great year here at Certified Used Phones.